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The Pan Arab Oncology Journal (PAOJ) is the official Journal of the Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMAAC). It is a quarterly publication targeting health professionals interested in the oncology field.


The Journal's goal is to keep them connected with the most recent regional and international activities and news in this domain in a professional way.


The PAOJ aims to:
1. Promote and encourage research activities in the Arab World.
2. Disseminate & analyze epidemiological local, regional and international data.
3. Update health professionals with the most recent advances, news & developments in the field of oncology.
4. Improve the level of scientific publications coming form the Arab World.
5. Keep health professionals connected and exposed to the activities of Arab cancer societies.
6. Share with our compatriots their activities & feedback in this field.
7. Involve all health professionals interested in the field of Oncology within the multidisciplinary scope of the Journal.

The PAJO is designed to achieve many objectives. One of our aims is to be the number 1 in-house magazine of the Arab Oncologist through its coverage to numerous activities in countries all over the Arab World and its opening to the newest international discoveries & guidelines.